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Can I have that personalised?

More and more of our customers are looking for unique jewellery that is in some ways personalized to them.Whether it’s for a Christening, birthday or even a thank you present for a favourite teacher, the new trend is for ‘different’ and ‘distinctive’ ways to say it.
At Argent we have embraced this idea and offer several suggestions for each and every customer.
In our opinion (if we may..), the ultimate way to personalise is by engraving.This makes something really special and ensures it is also one of a kind.From an initial engraved onto one of our friendship bracelets to a special message secretly hidden on something – you can be as imaginative as you like and are guaranteed to end up with a completely unique piece.We have a fantastic engraver who treats each project with great care, attention and creativity – he is incredibly experienced and each piece is a true work of art.
Another suggestion we like to give to our customers are our little silver initials which are perfect for adding …

Gail's February News

Managing Director of Argent of London, Gail Goodrich What a week we have had! My beautiful first granddaughter was born on St Valentine’s day and besotted parents and grandparents are over the moon. At last I have a wonderful little girl to buy gorgeous dresses for and, who knows, design jewellery for too!