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Three Peapod Necklace Competition Winner

The Winner!
After reading through the hundreds of amazing entries that we received we arrived at three finalists.   However one entry stood head and shouldersabove the rest. Sophie Leason from Cheshire came up with the wonderful idea of a Honey Bee design as a necklace. The Honey Bee has become endangered in recent years and the massive loss worldwide of the honey bee population is becoming ever more prominent and deserving of our attention. Sophie put it so well;

“Bees are incredible! Their honeycomb is built in hexagons, perfect hexagons where all the sides are of equal length, it’s so precise, just like jewellery. A great jeweller has to be a great engineer and they have to know when they have perfected a piece, the bees have had their design perfected for thousands of years, but now they are disappearing from the world. A honey bee necklace would fit perfectly into your collection, bees are so small but they make a huge difference to the world, a beautiful difference. They can be s…

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Argent at Burghley Horse Trials

We are going to be at  The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2013 5th - 8th September 2013  (tomorrow)  so do come and see us as we have lots of gorgeous new products to tempt you!

We are in The Burghley Lifestyle Pavilion,  located in the Exhibition Village at the bottom of Avenue A.  For a map, click here!