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Have you seen the eggs?

The wonderful weather at the moment has meant that the team at Argent have been out and about a little more than usual, enjoying the warmer weather and lighter evenings.Some of us have been surprised to stumble across those beautiful eggs which have recently appeared across Central London.The eggs are part of The FabergĂ© Big Egg Hunt.Our favorites include artist Anna Master’s When I Grow Up and young design label Tata-Naka’s Benedicte.
The detail of Tata-Naka’s egg in particular reminded us of our own beautiful enamel egg collection which is inspired by the work of Carl FabergĂ©.
If all this talk about Easter eggs gets you eggsited, or if you miss out on The Big Egg Hunt’s first prize, (The Diamond Jubilee Egg, worth £100,000) don’t forget to check out our collection of enamel egg pendants, very eye-catching pieces that can be worn throughout the year, but are particularly apt for Easter!Priced from £198-£298.

Gail's March News

It’s that time of year again when we have to start thinking about our Catalogue.  I think our collection of jewellery this year is even more colourful than usual – some truly gorgeous new pieces with aquamarines, rose quartz and all the soft pastel colours.  In the office we are happy to dream of shooting these in sunnier climates but with the beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment I think we are going to settle on a beach (and beach huts!) on the South Coast!  A couple of examples below.  By the way the long necklaces have already been spotted by the Daily Mail and will be featured with swim wear shortly!!