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Banish the 'winter blues' with some colourful hues!

The nights may be drawing in and the temperature is certainly dropping but Argent of London’s collection of beautiful gemstone jewellery will provide the perfect antidote to the winter blues.
This winter, indulge yourself in regal amethyst, dreamy chalcedony and vibrant green agate. Our ‘Bali necklace’ is a beautiful combination of seed pearls, gold and gemstones, draping elegantly and perfect for layering with other necklaces. Priced at £180, they add a sense of glamour to any outfit, a great addition to any jewellery box.
Birthstone jewellery makes a wonderful present, it shows the care and attention of a true friend and is all the better for this personal touch. Argent of London’s birthstone classically bold bangles comes in iolite, amethyst, peridot, chalcedony, garnet and aquamarine. Beautiful by themselves or stacked in a group, they make an unusual and sophisticated present.
We also offer a silver and gold birthstone ring, priced from £78.…

Twelve Days of Christmas competition coming soon

Christmas is a magical time of year and Argent has decided to make it even more special this year by offering you a chance to win one of 12 beautiful pieces of jewellery in our Christmas Competition.    Watch this space ....... !

Inspired By Nature

Thrilled to share something with you! As you know ‘inspired by nature’ is a very strong influence in the Argent branding and now if you have a special rose bush, stem from your wedding bouquet or just a favourite plant we can turn that memory into something tangible you can wear.We take a mould from the stem and then cast it in silver or gold so that each bangle has the actual original markings.In the collection already we have a rose stem from my garden and an olive branch.I have just made myself a solid gold bangle from the beautiful wisteria that surrounds our house! Gail