Gail Loves...

I thought this would be a great idea to give more of an insight into my role as Creative Director at Argent and the things I am inspired by. 
This week, I am loving...layering. The key to successfully layering jewellery is to be individual, it should be part of your personality. It is not what you wear but how you wear it.
By all means, wear a pearl necklace but drop a beloved pendant on a chain a couple of inches longer - a girlfriend of mind does just that but with a diamond catching the light below!
Don't be afraid of mixing silver and gold. I chose a gold and silver vintage "I Love You" Pendant on an 18" silver chain and then below that again an heirloom - a beautiful antique Ceylon pale sapphire necklace worn on a longer chain still - and suddenly a 10 year old piece takes on a much younger look. 
It doesn't stop here! You can probably just see that I wear a much longer chainwith one of our favourite Daisy Crosses. No need to limit to one piece though - why not add a couple of Charms to a long necklace. 
Happy layering!


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